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Message from Representative Director

Trust Builds the Future

Many recruiting consultants are more focused on their own results than on the mid- to long-term visions and careers of clients and candidates.
I have always been suspicious of pursuing this line of work in such a manner that does not create relationships of trust. This is the reason why I have pursued this work with sincerity toward clients and candidates, while building trusting relationships in the process.
I have enjoyed memorable successes while earning the opportunity to do business with many Executives at a variety of companies. These experiences have taught us that companies that lack reliable and trustworthy management ranks have poorer prospects for mid- to long-term growth. Rather than simply targeting strongly growing companies, I have become inclined to do business with strongly growing companies that also have reliable management proactively approaching their work.
Ultimately, this leads to creating trust with candidates as well.

We simultaneously emphasize strong ties with clients and with candidates. For example, we do not present extraneous job openings to our candidates because we have no desire to waste their valuable time.
Furthermore, we do not present job openings to candidates simply because the company involved is currently in the spotlight. We introduce opportunities from companies enjoying long-term growth because we believe that these opportunities will be truly meaningful for the careers of candidates.
Professional achievements at growing companies is a necessary factor for candidates to build strong careers.This will be the opportunity for such candidates to become valuable assets to their companies and create a meaningful career.
We believe supporting candidates by providing appropriate advice will add more value in their professional career, and it creats trust among us.

Lastly, trust among consultants is also essential. Many consultants in the recruiting industry pursue a self-interested approach and do not sufficiently incorporate concepts of teamwork. We believe that this could lead to an insincere stance towards clients and candidates.
Consequently, Adeptima strives to have our consultants support and advise one another as a team so that our clients' and candidates' benefit, regardless of which consultants they happen to be working with. We believe that trust among consultants is the foundation for building trust with clients and candidates.

We believe mutual trust between clients, candidates, and Adeptima generates the best solution for all of us.


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