Privacy Policy

  • Our Privacy Policy Concerning Data and Personal Information

    Except as noted in this privacy policy, Adeptima will only use verbal and written information received in any form for purposes described, and will not disclose any data to third parties. We will strictly follow all governing laws and restrictions concerning protection of information provided to Adeptima from registrants and affiliating firms.

  • Acquisition of Information

    Information obtained during the process of Adeptima’s business activities are for the purpose of our clients’ recruitment services. Here, information refers to information on salary, information on current or former clients, performance, contact details, birth, work experience, academic degree, and other information that may be described in the resume. In Adeptima, we will acquire various data accordingly to legal and professional ethics, and exert our utmost efforts to keep accurate records.

  • Information Disclosure

    During the provision of our recruitment services, we will share information amongst Adeptima employees when necessary. The resumes and related documents will be sent only to candidate companies with consent of the individual. Moreover, information may be disclosed in such cases directed by law enforcement agencies or judicial authorities.

  • Intended Use of Acquired Information

    We use acquired information only for the purpose of the recruitment services for which it is intended. Furthermore, contact details and personal information on the resume will be used to verify career history of the applicant, to contact candidates about new offers and related events, and to collect statistical data on salary and job titles (anonymously).

  • Confidential Information Protection

    In Adeptima, all data is protected under a secure database which will not be open to the public, is used by employees or engineering managers only when necessary, and will be guarded accordingly. We will exercise appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to prevent destruction, alteration, unauthorized access, leaks, and abuse of personal information.

  • Inquiry by the Individual

    By laws concerning protection of personal information, the individual has the rights to contact Adeptima to inquire about their personal information that Adeptima may own, and request copies of such information. Moreover, the individual holds the rights to request changes and removal of specific data related to their personal information. If a request to remove records concerning the individual is made, we hold the rights to own minimum personal information necessary in order to prevent further contact to the individual.

  • Changes to Privacy Policy

    This information and privacy policies may change from time to time. If you have any questions or inquiries concerning our privacy policies, you may contact us at the following.