Our Service for Talent Seekers

Engineer (Global IT Company)

We were able to introduce candidates without raising the salary to an unnecessary level.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company F, Global IT company, asked us to help them find a bilingual engineer who can be the main contact with HQ.
  • ・The company was thinking about what kind of compromises needed to be offered if the salary did not fit what a candidate is offered from current employer.
Our Approach

Since it is difficult to recruit a bilingual engineer who is already employed at a global company without significantly raising the package being offered, we recommended a search focused on large Japanese companies.
Although searches targeting candidates working at domestic companies are not easy, Adeptima's forte is finding truly talented professionals overlooked by the many non-Japanese recruiters that many recruiting firms have as staff.

Ultimately, we successfully introduced a candidate who had seven consecutive years of work experience at a Japanese company after graduation. This candidate was looking for a way to transfer internally in order to better utilize his English skills. He decided to accept an offer thanks to the fact that this opportunity would make immediate use of his language ability and offered a much better package.

In this case, our deep understanding of the client's position in the Japan market and their requirement enabled us to identify a candidate with a right quality for the client. Also our meticulous research leads to a successful placement without raising budget unnecessarily.