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Sales Director (Global Medical Device Company)

By having an understanding of their team culture, we were able to introduce a more an appropriate candidate for the company.

Hiring situation
  • ・Company B, Global medical device company, came to us wanting to hire a Sales Director during a time when they were targeting business expansion.
  • ・Company B's strength was in cardiovascular-related products and they wanted to hire a person to drive further sales focused on those products.
Our Approach

We first had discussions with the company's current sales directors in order to have an understanding of their organizational culture and to ask about the directors' approaching style to work. This research showed that these three Sales Directors who joined the company during the same time period were working well together and mutually supported one another.

Although the company was posting steady results, they had a desire to expand further. Our suggestion was to breath new life into the organization by hiring a ambitious individual younger than the three existing sale directors.
We created a list of rival medical device company's and were able to find and introduce a candidate with a strong sales record who was frustrated with his company's weak ambition toward expansion in the Japan market.

After joining the company, he not only grew by leaps in the new surroundings, but also stimulated the existing directors with his passionate approach that imparted new energy to the office.

This experience showed us how detailed knowledge of personalities and relationships allows us to introduce a candidate who is a perfect fit for a client. We believe that the key to success is focusing not only on skills and background, but also on interpersonal relationships.