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Sales Director (Global Medical Device Company)

By joining a team with diverse personalities that contrasted with own, both candidate and client company found a more satisfying solution.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company B, Global medical device company, came to us for advice on hiring a sales director during a time when they were targeting business expansion.
  • ・The company's strength was in cardiovascular-related products and wanted to hire a person to drive further sales of those products in the market.
Our Approach

We first had discussions with the company's current Sales Directors in order to have an understanding of their organizational culture and to ask about the directors' approaches to work. This research showed that three Sales Directors who joined the company during the same time period were working in harmony with good mutual support. Although the company was posting steady results, they had a desire to target further expansion.
Our suggestion was to recommend breathing new vitality into the organization by hiring a new ambitious employee who is slightly younger than the three Sale Directors and who was intent on being promoted.
Our recruiting helped us find a talented individual named S.Y. We recommended this position to S.Y., who was frustrated with his company's unambitious approach towards growth in the Japan market.
S.Y. was skilled at acquiring new accounts and aspired to become successful as a manager in the future. As a result, we assessed him as being someone likely to create a positive sense of tension inside the company. Furthermore, he was not much different from the current three Sales Directors in terms of age and experience, so we thought he would find the work environment productive and conducive to goal setting.