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HR Director (Global IT Company)

She was able to move to another position with similar responsibility, but with the fair package.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company C, Global IT company bolstering their hiring in the Asia region, asked us to find a HR Director for the responsible area.
  • ・Their hiring manager at the HQ in the U.S. had been using local agents in each country to help with hiring, But they wanted to hire someone to consolidate and handle their hiring for all of Asia Pacific
Our Approach

Normally, when conducting a search for a HR Director for Asia Pacific region, senior candidates are the ideal candidate; however, considering Company C's situation, we thought it was optimal to have a candidate very light on own feet and able to handle tasks personally, while managing subordinates.
This position was targeting a candidate who could be HR Director, yet also work efficiently with a small team and function independently while staying in contact with the U.S. HQ and each branch office in APAC.

We approached a candidate, R.A. who had experience having to handle whole responsibility from communication with the HQ to hiring other personnel due to the retirement of his supervisor.This position would be a good long-term career step for R.A., since it was a management position, despite having about the same duties as his current job.

Since immediately after joining a new company, he has been handily making progress in his work directly handling hiring and staying in close contact with the HQ.
Furthermore, he is enjoying a flexible working environment than he previously had and is making the most of his new position.

Currently the company has expanded their business to have a HR department in each Asia Pacific country and he became Head of HR in name and reality.