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Marketing (Global Food Products Company)

She was able to find new options in her career by changing her surroundings.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company E, Global food products company, was expanding its marketing division and needed more personnel.
  • ・The employment position was for someone to take charge of product marketing for their mainstay products. The position had demanding criteria calling for expertise in marketing, as well as experience in the food products industry.
Our Approach

We decided to introduce candidate Y.I., who was a strategic planner at a major advertising agency with food product manufacturing clients.
After graduating from college, Y.I. joined a major advertising agency and amassed experience in the sales and marketing division. The year before last, she had a child and then returned to work after taking maternity and childcare leave. She still had to pick her child up from daycare after work, so she was not working any overtime since coming back from leave. Since work, however, often did not finish during business hours, she frequently did some work from home.
Furthermore, although her co-workers were understanding of her childcare obligations, she did feel some guilt at leaving the office before them.

Since the company we were recommending to her was experiencing rapid growth, they wanted to hire more talented human resources. The highly-specialized work was conducive to tele-commuting and a freer workstyle, which would be an easier environment for employees raising children.
Since she would be able to utilize the experience she had built up and enjoy the possibility of a more flexible workstyle, Y.I. decided to change jobs and was successfully hired for the position.

At present, the majority of her new co-workers leave the office at the end of business hours, so she is reportedly benefiting from an efficient work schedule. Moreover, she is bringing her child to take part in office events and enjoying great relationships with her peers as she makes the most of her new position.