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Country Manager (Global IT Company)

He was hired as a Country Manager and given the freedom to independently build the organization.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company A, Global IT company known as a segment leader in the U.S., was seeking to establish a Japanese subsidiary and needed to hire a Country Manager in Japan.
  • ・Initially, they were using a global search firm that they used for their management hiring to handle the project; however, they were not well known in Japan and three months of searching had yielded no results. This brought them to us.
  • ・The client was looking for an ambitious person eager to build the organization with own hands.
Our Approach

We decided to approach T.T., who worked as the head of the Japanese subsidiary of a foreign-affiliated IT companies.

As we conversed, we found out that T.T. was satisfied with his current position, yet, had been wanting to experience building anorganization with his own hands.

And, it was also made clear that, he has been rejecting offers concerning starting up Japanese subsidiary companies posed by other agencies, since none of them gave him the opportunities to be in any self-directing position.

However, the opportunity we offered him was not like the other start-ups where he was strictly controlled by the headquarters.

After T.T. received further explanation about this opportunity from our consultant and met with the managers of the company mentioned, both sides have came into agreement to result in him joining the company. Although T.T.'s base salary became lower than his previous job’s, his overall salary including bonus was acceptable since he was granted RSUs.

Currently, the Japanese subsidiary that he leads has grown to hold 60 employees, and T.T, himself is living a fulfilling work life.