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Engineer (Global IT Company)

He was able to make a smooth transition to a new company with support from his wife, who initially opposed to his move, but changed her mind thanks to our advice.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company F,Global IT company, asked us to find a bilingual engineer who can be the main contact with HQ.
  • ・The company was thinking about what kind of compromises needed to be offered if the salary did not fit what a candidate at a global company was looking for.
・Our Approach

Considering the salary range, we decided to approach candidates at major Japanese companies, rather than bilingual engineers who are currently employed by global companies.
The candidate search led us to introduce this position to J.K., a candidate who had seven consecutive years of work experience after graduating from college.
J.K. was looking for a way to transfer internally in order to better utilize his English skills. He decided to accept an offer because the new position would make immediate use of his language ability and offered a much better salary.

Before J.K. talked to his employer regarding resignation, he explained the situation to his wife first. In doing so, she turned out to be opposed to the idea, as they had just had a new children.We decided to advise J.K. on ways that he might gently persuade his wife.
Observing the situation as reported to us by J.K., it appeared that his wife was feeling frustrated during her first-time experiences with child rearing.
We explained to J.K. the importance of taking the time to listen to his wife explain how difficult her daily life was. And, we advised him to describe to her how this career change would positively impact his future career path.

Adeptima has successfully introduced multiple individuals to this company and none of the candidates have left the company and still successfully work at the same company .We had J.K. add this information to his discussions with his wife, which ultimately led to her agreement and he successfully joined the new company. He reported to us that there was an adjustment period during which he had to get used to using English and handling the merit-based culture of a global company; however, he adapted himself and is currently doing quite well.