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Sales (Global IT Company)

She was able to move into a career that utilizes her English skills and sales experience.

Hiring Situation
  • ・Company D, Global IT company soon to enter the Japan market asked us to help them hire a sales professional.
  • ・Their Japan branch was small and they needed someone who could communicate directly with HQ. The candidate had to be bilingual and someone who could become a manager in the future, since their organization was expanding.
Our Approach

We approached a candidate named A.K., who had graduated from college in Canada and taken a sales position with a major Japanese firm, then transferred to a start-up company where he had been managing a small sales team.

Although A.K. was satisfied with her current job, she was still in her early 30s and felt some concern about her future career.
This job opening would not only utilize her English ability and sales experience, but also bring the prospects of a future position as manager, so we thought it would be a good long-term career option for her.
Initially, the person in charge of hiring was focusing their search on young candidates in their 20s and was not so interested in A.K. However, we strongly conveyed A.K.'s advantages from having sales experience at both a large company and a start-up, which ultimately led to her being hired.

After joining her new company, A.K. was somewhat taken aback by the pace of the work due to by the speed at which global companies made decisions compared to Japanese companies. Her adaptability served her well, however, and she is currently posting the top sales numbers in the company, while also managing a team of subordinates. Her salary has also seen a significant increase, which boosted her motivation and she is putting full effort toward her goal of being involved in projects across Asia in the future.